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Fun activities

Whether you live in the middle of the city or way out in the woods, you are surrounded by birds.Making a bird feeder to attract birds has benefits way beyond the most obvious one of enjoying the company of birds in your backyard.Feeding birds in your backyard also invites them to feast on the insects, worms, snails and spiders in your area.This can provide ideal organic pest control with little need for toxic insecticides or other harmful chemicals.Birds also assist with flower pollination, so adding a backyard bird feedercan result in more luxuriant, full flowerbeds and beautiful bird-friendly landscaping with less overall effort for gardening.Feeding birds is a wonderful way to introduce your children to a wide variety of local wildlife.Watch your feeder with your kids and try to identify all the various species of birds that visit.Making a bird feeder from an apple couldnt be easier and is a perfect project for little kids.Instead of throwing out apples that have bad spots in them or are past their ripeness level, use them to make bird feeder.All you need to do is cut your apple in half, use a spoon to scoop out the core and seeds and then stuff the hole with a mixture of bird seed and peanut butter.I hang them from tree branches in our backyard using twine.Another super simple bird feeder can be made from using the peel of an orange.Instead of throwing out that peel after you eat an orange, use it as a bird feeder.Orange peels make great natural bowls, which you can fill with seeds, fruits or nuts.To hang, just poke four holes in the rind of an orange.Hang from a branch or on a bush.Your kids can easily fill the bowls with birdseed.The great thing about these feeders is that they last a long time outside.They can be refilled over and over until they disintegrate.The birds and squirrels usually dont eat the orange rinds like they do the apple cores.Out of the three different feeders in this post, this one is definitely the most involved and elaborate.This project is better suited for school-aged children that follow directions or those learning how to measure.Start by adding your largest items to the bottom of a Bundt pan.We used dried cranberries, almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.Spread the birdseed on top of the large seeds in the Bundt pan and press down firmly to compact.Refrigerate overnight to solidify.Once the wreath is solid, remove from the Bundt pan and hang with twine.That is perfect to learn as I would love to have some hummingbirds in our backyard which is why Ill be sure to accustom our feeder to them.Speaking of the feeder, I should make sure that the feeder well be getting is bee-proof as we do have quite a number of flowers in the backyard that the bees love.The best DIY bird feeders give your garden a facelift.Even more importantly, they fill the garden with chirping little delights that give it a completely different appeal.The options are obviously endless and the best ideas are the ones closest to your heart.You can think a touch different this summer with a DIY bird feeder that adds color and personality to the backyard garden.Allow the bird feeder to express your personality along with your love for birds.Ideas like the BURLAP THISTLE SOCK BIRD FEEDER and tire bird feeder go easy on your time and pocket as well.Another super easy project is the DIY CARTON BIRD FEEDER that you can craft along with your kids.It is no different in case of bird feeders as well and even the best take little glass cutting skills to make.On Decoist we feature all sorts of ideas to make your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens or offices look prettier.We bring you furniture and lighting ideas, houses everyone would dream of and luxury properties that defy the world crisis.Make sure to leave enough of a box at the bottom of your carton to hold the bird seed.Cut out the carton with a utility knife or scissors.Add a hole below the window for the perch dowel.Add another hole on the back of the carton for the dowel to go through so it is stabilized.Not to be reprinted without express written permission.Create an inexpensive, contemporary, tray or platform bird feeder for your backyard.This feeder design has a wire mesh screen on the bottom that provides excellent drainage.This will keep the seed dry and fresh even after a heavy rain.With the plexiglass roof, this platform feeder invites birds to fly in, while still giving you a great view of the birds.Making a bird feeder can be a fun activity to do with your kids and family.


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