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Tax advice

Make known some myths about London Based Tax Barristers that you've heard

For business tax, skilled barristers can advise on corporation tax, efficient corporate tax structures and tax related legal problems such as investigations, disputes or tax related insolvency proceedings. and value added tax. If you are a start-up or a company and you have tax enquiries to structure the formation of your business then a tax barrister may be able to advise on this. Counsel and expert evidence in tax disputes involving international issues can be given by a tax compliance expert. Practised barristers defend clients before the Tax Commissions, focusing particularly on the merit and legitimacy of the action. They assess possible alternatives and identify the best strategy for the litigation, including its impact on subsequent financial periods, the choices already made and any criminal aspects. Many tax barristers discuss amongst themselves difficult points of law and thus are able to offer accurate, practical and insightful tax advice. With an expert understanding of the criminal justice system, tax barristers guide their clients through the legal process.


Professional tax experts can advise on solutions to tax planning. There are some capable barristers that deal with all aspects of inheritance tax planning but have particular expertise in advising US based British expats on managing their potential UK inheritance tax exposure. Much of the work of a tax barrister involves drafting bespoke and precedent legal documentation as well as negotiating with HMRC in the settlement of tax and NIC disputes. Tax affects all people and tax barristers act for many different kinds of client: individuals of modest means as well as the wealthy, companies, governments and charities to name a few. Taking on Domicile Advice can help sort out your financial woes.

Leading Tax Set

The interaction between money, inflation, the need to deliver economic activity for the benefit of all and the role that taxation has to play in that process has, then, long been appreciated. It has also, unfortunately, been long forgotten by some, at cost to us all. The broad practice of some tax barristers encompasses cases concerning VAT, corporation tax, stamp duty land tax and capital gains tax. In each case barristers provide in-depth advice on tax, structuring, regulatory, investment and corporate issues: in short, strategic, commercial and sensitive tax advice that protects their clierounded barristers have direct experience of working within HMRC and can help their clients reach a satisfactory agreement. Tax barristers can assist with compliance obligations. Barristers are a specialist “referral” profession, meaning that they are usually engaged through a solicitor or accountant (like a consultant or surgeon is engaged through a GP). It is usually the case that members of the public must instruct a barrister through a solicitor or accountant but some specially qualified barristers can take instructions direct from members of the public. This is known as “Public Access” . Advisory services such as Inheritance Tax Advice are a common sight today.

The best advocates are incredibly fair, knows their papers, have an excellent court manner and raise technically brilliant arguments. A tax barrister is able to provide additional support to professional and lay clients throughout the litigation process that was traditionally reserved for solicitors, such as issuing proceedings, instructing expert witnesses and engaging in correspondence with the court and other parties. Tax is an area of law known for its legal complexity. Accomplished tax barristers regularly act for both the taxpayer and HMRC. They combine specialist tax knowledge from experience of cases in civil and criminal courts with a background of advocacy in criminal courts which brings advantages in any type of hearing. Most histories of tax start in the modern era, but it was actually the Babylonians who are the first known to be in on the act despite having some problems to overcome in achieving their aims. Specialist assistance for  Pensions Advice should be sought whenever required.

Substantial Cases

There are some things that a barrister cannot do on your behalf and which you will have to do if you do not have a solicitor. This may include filing documents with the court and paying court fees. Private solicitors also increasingly have to be tax experts when advising high net worth individuals on how to structure their wealth. Tax and society appear to be inextricably linked. Tax has also been integral to the development of the process of democracy. Without the demand for representation on the issue of taxation it is very unlikely that the currently preferred method of government in a great many states in the world would exist. The result is broader than the history implies, though. The skills and experience of a tax barrister cover VAT (both domestic and European issues), customs and excise duties, stamp duties, development land tax, inheritance and business tax reliefs, and issues of residence and domicile. How we tax, who we tax and why we tax determines what kind of society we become, giving financial expression to our cultural values and priorities. Far from being dry and dusty, taxation is a topic that could not be more political. Any  Tax Barrister service will not reveal what he or she has been told to anyone else.

Your pension scheme is one of the most important investments in your life, and you have a right to make sure that your benefits are fully protected. Contact a specialist pensions law solicitor if you have any worries about how your pension scheme is being run. The top tax barristers are able to accept direct instructions by accountants, solicitors and other professional bodies under the Bar’s direct professional access scheme. Tax barristers can give early consultation tax saving advice. Get extra facts on the topic of London Based Tax Barristers on this   entry.

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